Business Plan


1. Registration will be free

2. After Registration member can send the fund request to admin to get funds in PIN -wallet, so they can generate PINs

3. Admin and members both can Generate the Pins

4. Member can generate pins from PIN S-wallet

5. One Mobile number, one Pancard allowed for max 3 IDs

6. Registration system will be Matrix System with Sponsor id auto Fill with 4, 16, 64

7. Admin will decide the BVs for every product

8. After Successful registration, new Member will get authorized User ID & Password to track his Business.

9. Welcome Letter generates on successful Registration and Mail and SMS will be sent.

After Registration member can activate his ID by any of the Following Packages:-

Package Name Amount
LC Pack-1 Rs. 3000
LC Pack-2 Rs. 5000

Note: member cannot upgrade the higher packages, if they need ROI then they can get new package with higher Cost

Income Plan Details:

1. Direct Income:

1. Member will get Rs. 1000 Direct Referral, member can direct any no of members

2. Income will go immediately after activation of Referral

3. This income will go to eWallet After Deductions

2. Team-Repurchase Income

If any person from its own and by his direct person(id) purchase the products then he will get the discount as according below table.

Level BV Commission
0 (self) 10 %
1 5%
2 2%
3 2%
4 1%
5 1%
up to 6 to 50 0.5%

1. Admin will update the products from admin panel and assign the BV to every product

2. Monthly Closing

3. Income will Credited to eWallet After Deductions

3. Royalty Income:

1 Member will get this income after qualification.

2. Amount will be distributed among all the qualifiers.

3. Qualification on Cumulative Basis (not Fresh counts), and the old royalty will stop and new will start

4. Real-time working.

5. Income will Credited to eWallet After Deductions

Royalty Qualification Company Turnover Tenure
1 20 Directs 5% 24 Months
2 50 Directs 3% 48 Months
3 100 Directs 2% Life Time

4. Club Income

Club 1 = Star Club
Level PV Income Direct
1 4 2500 0
2 16 5000 0
3 64 10000 01

1. Top to bottom Left to right ids fill will be there

2. After Completion member will get certain income and after completion of first Club member will move to Silver Club

3. Income will Credited to eWallet After Deductions

5. Rewards on Repuchase

Life time Reward: There are life time reward with their ranks . If any person(id) earn by its own or by his team then he will get life time reward as following.

S. No Rank Repurchase Earn Rs Reward
1 Star 50000 Smart Phone
2 Silver 100000 Domestic Tour
3 Gold 200000 Dell Laptop
4 Pearl 500000 Bangkok Tour
5 Emerald 1000000 Splendor Bike
6 Ruby 2500000 Kwid Car
7 Diamond 50,00000 Creta Car
8 Mercury 1 cr 2 BHK Flat
9 Crown 5 cr 3 BHK Flat
10 Director 10 cr 3 BHK Flat / Jaguar Car

Franchise Registration:

1. Admin can register any franchise with the sponsor id of any member

2. Franchise can register Mini Franchise

3. Franchise will get 8% of his sales on Total cost of Invoice

4. Franchise will have their own wallet, can buy stock from admin and sell against the member id

terms & conditions

1. All Income will go to E-Wallet after deductions

2. 5% TDS, if no pan card then 20%

3. Admin Charges: 0%

4. Repurchase Deduction: 10% and this will go to swallet

5. Auto Withdrawal System with bank closing

6. Rewards report as per counts

7. Member can Purchase the products, PINs from swallet

8. Member can transfer the money from eWallet to sWallet, Swallet to Swallet